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Tripods and Support: Shoulder Mounts/Other Supports

Shape Composite F3 Shoulder Mount

Shape Composite F3 Shoulder Mount

COMPOSITE GRIP key features:

  • The front rods are available to attach video accessories such as matte boxes, 35mm lens adapter and follow focus mechanisms.
  • Adjustments require no tool. Setup is quick and easy and only requires a 4mm hexagonal key.
  • The camera platform is a PAPARAZZI RISER. It has various threaded holes in its base (1/4-20” and 3/8-16”). You can attach accessories such as a SHAPE BOX (not included) or a quick release plate (not included). By attaching a quick release plate, the COMPOSITE GRIP can be attached to a tripod head in mere seconds.
  • The handles are our very own, patented QUICK HANDLE. Each handle can rotate individually on 360 degrees. Simply push and hold the button, located at the articulation, and rotate the handle. Once the button is released, the handle stays firmly in place and will not moved at all.
  • All the components are made of lightweight aluminum for strength and durability. Most parts are powder coat painted with a professional looking wrinkle finish. The rest of the parts are hard anodized.
  • The shoulder pad and the BACK PAD are padded for superior comfort.

With the COMPOSITE GRIP camera support, you can:

  • Adjust the vertical position of the shoulder pad.
  • Adjust the horizontal position of the camera platform (back and forth).
  • Adjust the horizontal position of the handles (back and forth).
  • Adjust the horizontal position of your camera. Your camera is attached to the camera platform through a 4.5” (11.5 cm) slot. Your camera can easily be positioned nearer or further from you.
  • Detach the BACK PAD from the shoulder pad (if not needed or to attach another accessory like the COUNTER WEIGHT).
  • Attach 15MM rods on top of the shoulder pad. Note that additional 15MM rods and an additional ROD BLOCK are required. To these additional rods, you can attach a BASE COUNTER WEIGHT (not included) or any other accessory.
  • Attach a COUNTER WEIGHT (not included) to the back of the shoulder pad instead of the BACK PAD (included).
  • Attach a TELESCOPIC SUPPORT ARM (not included) to the front rods. Note that a ROD BLOCK is also required (not included).

Made for the F3, this shoulder mount works with many different cameras.

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