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Samy's DV & Edit Presents the Canon C300

Theatrical Release, Finally Within Reach

You’ve got the story, the script, the cast and crew, why waste all your effort with an inferior camera?  Let’s face it, up until now, affordable cameras were good for broadcast, the web, and home video and that’s it.  No longer - the C300 will give you footage capable of the wide release your movie deserves.

Taking into account the Super 35 chip and its relationship to the lens, your depth of field will be identical to what you see in the theaters today.  The 50 mbps 4:2:2 codec provides rich color with plenty of room for grading.

Even considering its high quality, the C300 has a reduced form factor for all you guerilla filmmakers.  This camera will work anywhere - you can steal shots and work with a minimal crew, or rig it up for use on a big commercial shoot.

If you’re upgrading from your 5D, get the EF version and use all your Canon DSLR lenses; for those making the leap from motion picture cameras, there’s a version that takes PL Mount glass.  Additionally, Canon’s new EF Cinema lenses are excellent options for pro-quality imaging.

The professionals at Samy’s DV & Edit know these products as well as anyone, call us today at 310-450-4365 with any questions or to pre-order!