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4K footage from your Sony NEX-FS700

Sony designed the NEX-FS700 with a 4K chip, intending to introduce 4K recording at a later date.  That day has arrived.

Use the Sony or Convergent Design external recorder and coax that 4K footage from your camera.  First upgrade your camera to firmware v3.0 at an official Sony Service Center.  Without any additional hardware, this upgrade allows the camera to record in Sony S-Log.

To record in 4K, users will need an external recorder.  The AXS-R5 with IFR5 interface is Sony's solution, allowing shooters to record in full Sony RAW, producing a workflow similar to Sony's F5 and F55.  With purchase of this solution, Sony will waive the $400 hardware and firmware upgrade fee.

Another option is the Convergent Designs Odyssey 7Q, which will record 4K uncompressed and has a beautiful 7" monitor as well.  Contact us for details!