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RED, Now on Demo at Samy's DV

Samy's DV is a proud part of the RED family, and your number one source for everything RED. We now have the Epic Dragon and Scarlet Dragon on display, ready for you to touch and try. Contact us today to set up a time to see these great cameras, and learn how RED can make your project shine!

About RED: Through will and determination, Jim Jannard (founder of RED) realized his vision of an affordable 4K camera that shot cinema-capable footage, and the industry was changed forever. Every major manufacturer rushed to catch up with their own products, but RED's culture of innovation kept them a step ahead.

Filmmakers like David Fincher, Peter Jackson, and Steven Soderbergh created groundbreaking movies and television shows with RED cameras, such as Gone Girl, The Hobbit trilogy and The Knick, and now many, many other filmmakers are following suit. From Indie to Blockbuster, RED cameras are shooting movies of all kinds.

From the awesome Epic Dragon to the Scarlet so beloved by indie filmmakers, talk to us about taking the leap with this, the most respected name in digital cinematography.  Contact us today!