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Samy's DV & Edit Newsletter: March 2012

The Canon C300, Sony\'s F3 Upgrade, a JVC 4K Camera, and the 5D Mark III.

This Month's Big News:

  • The Canon C300 PL Mount Arrives
  • Sony Gives PMW-F3 a Free 4:4:4 Upgrade
  • JVC Introduces the First Affordable 4K Camera
  • The 5D Mark III Marks the Next Stage in DSLR Video

The Canon C300 PL Mount

Canon's game-changing C300 with the EF mount changed filmmaking forever for those who jumped in with the 5D Mark II.  Now experienced shooters who prefer sturdy PL Mounts have a C300 to call their own.  Whether you're shooting with brand new Zeiss CP2s or other industry-standard movie lenses such as Zeiss Master Primes or Ultra Primes, or glass from Cooke or Angenieux, they'll all mount on the newest state of the art digital cinema camera available today.  In stock now, call us at 310-450-4365 to reserve yours!

The Sony PMW-F3 is now 4:4:4
While the amateurs obsess over depth of field and 24p, professionals know that the main thing that separates the great pro cameras is what's inside.  Log shooting and 10-bit color depth allow colorists to really construct cinema-quality images.  Surprising the industry, Sony released an upgrade for free, making this the most affordable camera with 10-bit 4:4:4 output.  Buy one today and get the camera of your dreams.
The JVC GY-HMQ10 - Affordable 4K
4K cameras are big, unwieldy, and expensive, right?  Not anymore.  JVC introduces the GY-HMQ10, the first true 4k camera at this price point.  Enjoy four times the resolution of HD with progressive frame rates at 24, 50, or 60 frames per second.  Similar in form to JVC's GY-HM150, now you can store a 4k camera in your messenger bag.  We live in the future.
Canon's EOS 5D Mark III
It's no exaggeration to say that the Canon 5D Mark II revolutionized indie filmmaking, providing "that movie look" without strapping huge contraptions to your camera.  Now the Mark III is here.  For us videographers and filmmakers, improvements include a reduction of rolling shutter, bane of DPs everywhere.  Also, the recording time limit has been increased from 12 minutes to nearly 30 minutes.  This is a camera that is truly ready for its close-up, Mr. DeMille.
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