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Introducing the Flex Zoom Series from Canon

The Flex Zoom series from Canon is designed for outstanding optical performance rendering beautiful and natural images. Containing the CN-E 20-50mm T2.4 and CN-E 45-135mm T2.4 lenses, the breathtaking image quality produced is ideal for 4K productions. Available in EF and PL mount, and designed for use on large-format cameras, these premium high-end full-frame zooms feature a bright, constant T2.4 across the entire range and support the Cooke /i protocol for metadata.

The lenses produce superb color rendition and detail, with sharp images from the center to the outer edges, rated for 8K HDR capture. An 11-blade aperture creates soft, beautiful light rays and stunning depth-of-field falloff, while an internal focusing system delivers minimized focus breathing and excellent parfocal performance. The lenses render the beautiful and warm color tones synonymous with Canon’s cinema lens family.