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Indie Filmmaker Special Report

New Cameras Created Especially for Filmmakers Change the Game

So the video-capable DSLRs changed everything.  They also forced cinematographers to stock up on aspirin, given the headaches they’re responsible for.  Focus problems, lack of pro audio capture, and an excess of rolling shutter issues almost brought the whole thing to a screeching halt.  The path was clear: shooters needed real filmmaking cameras that had big chips and interchangeable lenses.

The big companies have responded.  Sony and Panasonic in particular have listened to the filmmaker’s community and delivered cameras that provide that cinema look at a very low price.  Shallow depth of field with none of the headaches.

Sony PMW-F3

Sony opens up a new era of Super 35 digital production with the PMW-F3.  Sony’s new flagship camera in the XDCAM-EX line has the PL Mount and the big Super 35 chip everybody wanted; combine that with their excellent XDCAM codec, and there's no longer a question as to which mid-range camera is supreme.

Want top-quality footage that’s theater-ready?  Do you want a camera capable of visual-effects footage?  Upgrade your F3 to native 4:4:4 shooting and you have one.

Users of the EX1 and EX3 will hit the ground running with this, the pro filmmaking camera as easy to use as ones that are less expensive, but with the features of one that's more.  Come down and see it today!

Sony NEX-FS100U

Sony’s new NEX-FS100 is the hot kid right now - the least expensive camera with a real Super 35-size chip.  That chip will give filmmakers the bona fide cinematic depth of field other cameras lack.

The big advantage to using an interchangeable lens camera is the availability of all the great DSLR glass you can shoot with - Canon, Nikon, Leica - if it has a manual iris and an adapter, mount it and shoot with it.

Purchased with an 18-200 E-mount lens or body only, Samy’s DV & Edit sells a number of accessory kits for the FS100 to help you round out your camera bag with a number of lens and accessory options.  Check them out at Samy's DV!

Zeiss Compact Prime 2 Lenses

You have your big chip camera, what else do you need to make a great, cinema-quality image?  Lenses, of course!  For digital filmmaking cameras, nothing matches Zeiss’s Compact Prime 2 series of lenses.

Ultra-clear glass, precision focus and exposure make these lenses the industry standard for indie filmmakers.  We call them “heirloom products” - even when you upgrade your camera, these lenses will stay with you for the rest of your career, giving you great images with whatever camera you choose.

CP2s are available as lens sets or individually, and with several interchangeable mounts.  Zeiss practically announces a new mount with each new camera that’s introduced - PL Mount, Canon, Nikon, Micro Four-Thirds, and coming soon, Sony’s E Mount.  Zeiss Compact Primes are among the most versatile tools you can purchase for your rig.

NextoDI Video Storage Pro +

Shooting in the field?  Simply put, you need the NextoDI NVS2525p Video Storage unit.  1.5 terabytes of storage on the go for any card-based camera.  Slots for SxS and P2 cards are built in, a Compact Flash adapter is included, and a USB interface allows you to capture from SD cards with a reader or directly from the camera.

750 gigs are already inside, and an extra 750gb drive is included in the package.  1.5 terabytes of storage - enough room for nearly a hundred 16 gigabyte cards.  Capture is quick, painless, and reliable - push a button and your footage is safely and securely transferred to the drive.