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Sony's FS7 II: A More Perfect Camera

The FS7 has been one of the dominant 4K cameras since its introduction; nothing else fulfills the needs of both broadcast and cinema shooters so completely. Sony has been listening to customer feedback and made a few improvements.

Introducing the FS7II. With some small changes that make a big difference, the major additions include:

  • A Locking Lens Mount. Big cinema zooms from manufacturers such as Zeiss and Fujinon shouldn't stress the mount so much anymore. Cinematographers need not worry about compromising the mount or throwing focus off when shooting with a heavy lens.
  • The camera body has been reinforced to make it stronger and more suitable for daily production overall.
  • The Sony Variable ND is a powerful tool no other camera in its class possesses. Because of the camera's exceptional low-light performance, an ND is a necessity. The Variable ND allows you to cut the light by stops or adjust it gradually, all without touching the iris. You can have that smooth de-clicked exposure control without a cinema lens.
  • The new Rec.2020 Native Profile meets the newest standards for UHD Production.

As always, we at Samy's DV will be the first to get ahold of one; contact us if you'd like to be notified when we have stock, thanks!