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Canon's Cinema-Ready Cameras, The C500, C300 and C100

Canon's Cinema-Ready Cameras: The C500, C300 and C100

The Canon C500 - 4k Production, High Quality in a Compact Form

Canon’s awesome new C500 is the Big Daddy of Canon’s EOS Cinema Line.  The C500 promises to revolutionize 4k Cinema production for the majors much in the way that Canon’s smaller cameras have revolutionized the indie film world.  Use it with your EF-Mount DSLR lenses or Canon’s new line of brilliant cinema lenses.  Also available in a PL-Mount version, the C500 is primed to take over the production world - get yours today!

The Canon C300 - 0% Financing 

The C300 has become the go-to camera for pro cinematographers in the Indie Universe.  Having one nearby when an idea hits makes all the difference - be ready when inspiration comes.

Now you can have one.  Canon announced that they've extended the deadline to apply for their 24 Month 0% Financing deal through March 31st, 2013.  Select business customers will pay no interest over the course of the two year term.  And it's not only the C300 that's available with no interest - Canon also includes many of its new line of high-end Cinema Zoom Lenses.

The C100 - The Power of Canon’s Cinema EOS Cameras in an Affordable Model

High-end Cinema and Broadcast shooters are enjoying all the innovations of Canon’s new line of cameras.  Now indie and web shooters can tap into that power with the great new C100.  Only $6,499 gets you a pro-ready camera that shoots in ultra-efficient AVCHD.  The EF mount allows you to use Canon’s fantastic line of lenses without those finicky and unreliable adapters.  Contact an associate for details!

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