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Canon 50-1000mm Cine-Servo Lens

Yes, you read that right.

Canon's Cinema Lens Division has outdone itself, introducing the longest 4K Cinema Zoom lens in history. With a 1.5x extender built in, increasing your focal length to 1500mm, this lens will most likely find itself in the hands of ENG and Sports shooters.

DPs with Super 35 Cinema Cameras get to enjoy the range that News videographers have taken for granted for a long time. Surf filmmakers will find it invaluable, perfect for getting detail out on the waves. Sports shooters can use it for closeups from way across the field, and wildlife shooters don't have to get that close to the bear to get great footage. Cinematographers will no longer have to travel, now possessing the ability to shoot your movie from a different state.

The 50-1000mm is a premium lens, and should prove a crucial addition to the toolkit in many different mediums. Available soon; contact us for details!